On Jan. 20, we can bid a not-so-fond farewell to Donald Trump, a man who belongs not in the White House, but in a prison psych ward.

There’s his incompetence and malevolence vis-à-vis the coronavirus, his encouragement of the unhinged, anti-Semitic, and possibly terroristic QAnon, his racism, his sexism, his history as an alleged sexual predator and likely rapist, his horrible foreign policy, his corrupt self-dealing business ventures, his attacks on our health care system and the environment, his extremist court picks, his tax cheating, his promotion of fascist violence against peaceful protestors, his paranoia, his fealty to Vladimir Putin, his nepotism, his ignorance, his vulgarity, his cruelty, his narcissism, and his childishness.

That list isn’t even close to exhaustive. One catalog I’ve checked enumerates 940 of Trump’s worst cruelties, collusions, corruptions, and crimes.

I value the Biden victory, realizing that we must grapple, sooner rather than later, with the heart of darkness in this country that has inspired tens of millions of fellow citizens to support this short-fingered vulgarian and evil miscreant.

Shortly after his inauguration, Trump repeated his nonsensical claim about allegedly illegal votes cast for his opponent.

Reporters wore out their thesauruses looking for a way to report his ridiculous lie without using the word “lie.”

As an alleged money-laundering, tax-cheating, fraud-executing rapist, Trump must have been aware that if he lost reelection, he could end up behind bars.

Trump has enlisted much of his cabinet, the judiciary, the Republican Party, and the conservative media in his quest to destroy our democracy.

But two months from now, Trump may have to face the prospect of incarceration in a prison psych ward. I’m so looking forward to that prospect.


Ocean Park

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