I read the comments about the mystery airplane photo in the March 9 edition.  It’s hard to tell if that is a 787 airplane.  

The flight test airplanes for commercial division airplanes will have the airplane type on the tail section (777, 787, etc.), plus will be painted in Boeing livery colors, usually blue and white.  

The person who took the photo should have been able to see this from where they were standing. Also, the wings on the 787 are different than any other wing configuration. I spent three years working on this aircraft and the picture isn’t defined enough. I can tell you that, yes, we are in the flight path for test airplanes. 

If you are curious about what type of craft you see off shore or over head, you can go to http://boeing.mediaroom.com/index.php. This is the Boeing media website and has all the pictures of Boeing aircraft, commercial and defense.

Leslie Birk

Ocean Park



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