We have been following the commentaries on the potential closure of NYC and it sounds like the Naselle citizenry and many others are fully engaged in trying to head off that possibility. Pacific County Sheriff John Didion's article of Jan. 21 in the Chinook Observer also states the case for keeping NYC open as a "medium level" facility to try and turn around those youth who have started a life of crime and head them into a life that is constructive rather than destructive for themselves and society. In these most difficult times in our economy, the last thing that should receive funding cuts is the realm of public safety! That is why we are doing our best here in Portland to let our elected leaders, both local, state and national know that we must maintain those services and facilities that protect and serve, as well as provide education and training to deter youth from a life of crime.

As homeowners and community activists in Portland we can only say, get involved by writing, calling, joining in the efforts to keep NYC open. When officials know you care, they will find the funds and some of that $825 billion that is being proposed in Washington D.C. to "stimulate the economic recovery," should be directed to states and local communities to "preserve and protect" what we have left of our society and those who live in it! Make the calls folks, write the letters, take up the petition drives, join in the battle. It is for your best interests. We all have a stake in this one, and we cannot waiver in our civic responsiblity as citizens.

Ron and Jan Clemenson

Portland and Seaview

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