I encourage everyone to vote on Feb 9 and to consider voting for Barack Obama.

He is the first candidate to inspire me since John Kennedy. More importantly he has inspired millions of young people to get involved in the campaign. No other candidate has excited the 35 and younger age group as Obama has and what we do now is their future too.

Across the world people are taking notice of him. His books sell out in Germany. European papers call him the new Kennedy. I am confident he can restore American values and respect in the International community.

I grew up in Washington DC and remember when Kennedy ran for president. I remember the transformation of the City and government - the energy, the excitement, the new visions and intellect that came to DC. We could go the Moon and we did! We need that fresh infusion of ideas that Obama will bring. It is time to pass the torch!

Obama has an impressive bi-partisan record of support as an Illinois State legislator and U.S. senator. That is impressive in the highly charged partisan mood today. He knows how to build consensus and trust if you look at his record. In his election to Editor of the Harvard Law Review, he picked up the support of the conservative members of his class because he listened to them and they trusted him.

Osama's keen intellect will insure us with the best and brightest joining his cabinet. I fully expect it to be a bi-partisan cabinet. That is his style of reaching consensus.

He comes to Washington without the money of Political Action Committees, unlike his competitor. He will be free from special interest money which dominates so much decision making in D.C.

From an unknown Illinois State legislator, Obama has vaulted himself to a Presidential candidate against an establishment candidate. His leadership is clearly evident to the American people. He has set the message of change and the tone of civility in the campaign that the other candidates have followed. Let us follow his leadership in 2008.

Carolyn Glenn

Long Beach

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