The Ilwaco-Long Beach Kiwanis and the Ocean Park Methodist Church would like to thank the “Seat of our Pants” group for the program that they did at Ocean Park to help the Ocean Park Food-4-Kids fundraising.  It is because of groups like this that we are able to send food home each friday with the school children.

Ilwaco-Long Beach Kiwanis

John Epler, Secretary

Thank you, Dolan Gardner

    Dolan Gardner, only 27 years old, died tragically in a motorcycle-truck incident in late April. This young man left behind a legacy that will keep him in my thoughts, and perhaps in yours. Dolan created a specialized wheelchair for use on Peninsula beaches, which is available at the business he managed, Long Beach Mopeds.

    Because of Dolan, for some people our beach will be the very first beach where they actually get to the water. Think about that — it is not a small thing. If you or someone you care about is wheelchair-bound, you know that those with disabilities spend their lives coming in the back door and watching from the sidelines. Looking at the ocean from your vehicle is in no way the same as strolling along the shore. Dolan’s legacy makes the previously impossible now possible, and it adds to the magic of this place. Rest in peace, Dolan Gardner. Our corner of the world is a better place for you having been here.

Gayle Borchard

Long Beach

    Tied Pool Creations wishes to thank Cate Gable and the Chinook Observer for the wonderful article in last week’s paper that included interviews of some of our artists. We would also gratefully thank our community for their support and help in our continued growth! Unfortunately, Don Klang, who makes wood toys, was mistakenly left off of the list of our artists but certainly is a contributor to our offerings.

Angela Pierce

Ocean Park

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