Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get some important information to the people of the Peninsula, where I grew up.

Some will have seen a front-page feature article about me in the Sunday Oregonian on May 7. What you probably do not know is that the article was a disaster and completely fictionalized my life and work. There were more than 50 factual errors and made up "scenes" that never happened, gross mischaracterizations of everything, the math was stated incorrectly, and more.

I was never quoted and my actual work was not described at all, which is on national security, observer mathematics, and physics.

The article has been sharply criticized in Oregon and by media watchdog groups. This dramatically reduced the number of people who came to my Web site,, and thus took away much needed financial support.

More than 15,000 hits to my Web site from professors have occurred (10,000 in one day once word got out), and my work is currently being reviewed at Princeton University at the request of the university president. Media are requesting information, and I am about to become known for my work.

At the same time, I have no money at all and must keep going. Contributions can be made through the Web site, and I would be very grateful for anything folks could do.

Thank you.

Mark Provo


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