Being a long-time resident here, I've heard a lot of complaints from how the downtown parking of Long Beach with the planter boxes was a mistake to the continuing battle over being able to drive the beach, both of which I enjoy. For several years, I have picked up my mail at the Long Beach post office via "V" place and 68th Place and in the past it hasn't been that bad. But in the past few years I have counted more than 20 piles of horse poo in a day on this route, and it is getting quite common!

These people know when their horses do the doo! They come back the same way and see it themselves. How disrespectful - they should clean it up. I'm sure they wouldn't like a mess in front of their yard or like having to drive through it and then have to clean it off on a regular basis. It might be different being a horse owner but I think they are responsible people aren't they? I realize it's not the animals' fault and I enjoy seeing them around. I don't, however, enjoy walking or riding my bike or car through their piles on the road or the beach sand.

The same goes with the beach. The horse rental people go down the beach several times a day as others do with horses that are ridden in the surf or on the waters edge. These animals excrete waste that should be cleaned up and not left for our friends, family, or yes even the tourists who shouldn't have to be exposed to this. Shouldn't this be or is it an environmental issue already? Or maybe a Long Beach city or business ordinance that requires these people who use and abuse or profit from our most valuable resource should keep it clean or be held accountable for the mess.

You're required to pick up the dog's mess in town or in the parks and Long Beach has stations they claim on the new beach trail for dogs and in every parade I've always have seen a scooper for the livestock.

Tony Getchell

Long Beach

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