An open letter of thanks to and support for North Beach Water

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks at North Beach Water for bailing us out of a leaky situation earlier this week.

Oysterville Water is a small cooperative water district serving historic Oysterville and the adjacent subdivision along Douglas Drive. We have no full-time staff (this writer is the certified operator of the system) and we rely on contracting out any maintenance and repair services.

At about 10:30 last Sunday morning I received a call from one of my neighbors that we had a problem - water was bubbling up from the ground at our well site. A quick check of the situation revealed that the leak had to be coming from the main that provides water to our entire system. I attempted to call the plumber that has done most of our work in the past, and since it was Sunday morning, I reached an answering machine.

As I watched the pool of water grow larger I decided to try another tack and called R.D. Williams of North Beach Water. Mr. Williams listened quietly to my tale of woe and then said "Don't worry we'll give you a hand." Within minutes he and Water System Manager Mike Berlien were on the scene and we were going over our drawings to assess the situation. R.D. then called Rob Richmond of DPR Construction who does much of the excavation work for North Beach Water. Within the hour they had an excavator and evacuation pump on site and the leak was exposed by about 2:30 p.m. We had to shut the system down while repairs were made but we were all buttoned up and the water was back on by about 5 p.m.

I believe that this incident illustrates the efficient organization that has been created at North Beach Water and also displays their dedication to keeping the water flowing to those of us on the Peninsula that rely on public water, even those in an adjacent little system such as ours. The property owners and residents of the North Beach Water service area deserve to have and keep control and ownership of this system. To this end I urge a YES vote for the formation of the North Beach Water District and the election of those commissioner candidates who have been involved and personally contributed many, many hours toward the formation of the organization that exists today.

Gentlemen, we thank you again.

Mark Clemmens

System Operator

Oysterville Water

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