It is highway robbery and a crime when I drove past one of our local gas stations/mini marts today on the Peninsula and saw that gas was $3.53 a gallon and it keeps going up and up. What bothers me most is that you see gas about 20 cents less a gallon in Oregon, in small towns like we are, so what is the excuse that prices are always going up in our town?

From what I have observed, since living here for over two years, I noticed as we get near a "tourist event" gas goes up and when the tourist event is over, gas prices go down. Towards the end of summer, I see that gas prices go down, so could there be a connection? As we get closer to summer, gas will go up until we are paying $4 to $5 a gallon and soon we won't be able to drive off the Peninsula.

I know we are a tourist town and the local gas stations on the Peninsula have to make money off the tourists and residents, but don't they realize that by raising gas prices tourists won't come to the Peninsula due to the high gas prices and the gas station owners who operate a mini store with their gas station will be losing business.

The gas station owners reading my letter tell me "blame it on the oil companies as they pass the cost on to us and we pass it on to you." If this is the case, then how come gas prices are lower in Oregon?

There is no excuse for gas prices being this high and the higher the gas prices go the less tourists will come and visit us and our town survives on tourism. In the long run businesses will start to lay off people. If business doesn't stay at a steady pace during the summer, in the long run everyone, residents, tourists and gas station owners lose and that is so sad.

I hope that my letter gives everyone reading it food for thought.

Douglas Levitt

Long Beach

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