School volunteers needed! Anyone can help! Kids here on the Long Beach Peninsula really benefit from having caring volunteers with just a little time to give. We have excellent teachers and support staff, but they can only be stretched so far. Volunteers could ensure each child a chance to read with an adult every day! Anyone can listen to a student read as a school volunteer (after a simple screening process). The time you give is up to you and can be as little as a couple hours a week. 

I started two days a week this year and have had a blast! The training was short; less than an hour. I quickly learned that with the enthusiastic help from Long Beach’s patient five- and six-year-olds, anyone can help with the reading program. We laugh at how the kids have to teach the adults, and they love to tease us when we forget something. It turns out having a laugh together is a great way to build trust and make a child feel special. While it’s true that volunteers really help students, I always come away feeling the rewards are all mine!

If you or your group would like to work with a student or help out in the library, please contact the Ocean Beach School District offices and receive the one-of-kind satisfaction you’ll get from helping a child. 

Call the Ocean Beach School District at 642-3839 or stop in at the district office and get a jump on the process like I did. The offices are located at 500 Washington Ave. South, next to Long Beach Elementary. 

If you would like a Long Beach teacher to speak to your group about the benefits of volunteering, contact     

Linda Sassen

Long Beach 

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