There is no gun law that will prevent or cure mental illness or criminal intent. Individual responsibility or lack of thereof does not give our government at any level the right to impose laws that suppress the freedoms of all. The essence of our constitutional liberty allows law-abiding citizens the protection given under the 2nd Amendment of our U.S. Bill of Rights.

    However, some of our Washington state politicians have forgotten their oaths of office, which essentially orders them to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    Our listed rights are just that — rights. They are not privileges to be played with so as to further their political agendas. Anyone who knowingly violates our rights is committing a crime and can be punished for that action. At this time our state Legislature is considering two separate bills, HB 1588 and SB 5737.

    House Bill 1588 would require a background check on all private firearms sales by “unlicensed citizens.”

    Senate Bill 5737 would allow county sheriffs to make warrantless searches of homes whose owners legally possess “assault weapons.”

    Both of these proposals are blatant attacks upon our 2nd Amendment rights by politicians who swore to uphold our Constitution and Bill of Rights! Hopefully, these two illegal acts will be dropped quickly as the public becomes aware of them. Not only do both acts violate our 2nd Amendment, but they violate our 4th Amendment as well in regards to “unreasonable searches and seizures.”

    Our Founding Fathers inserted the 2nd Amendment into our Bill of Rights to protect us from the tyranny of a corrupt domestic government at all levels.

    The NRA recently received information from a “whistleblower” close to the Obama bunch. It was a memo written to Obama indicating the most effective way to “solve the firearms problem was to illegally create a national gun registration and then enforce a national gun confiscation.” Both of these acts are blatant attacks upon our 2nd Amendment rights.

    Some U.S. politicians at all levels of government are attempting to further their political agendas through the blood of innocent victims. They are using high profile incidents as justification and they are “playing fast and loose with our civil liberties in the process. They will do anything they think they can get away with.

    Criminals do not obey laws. Law abiding citizens are victimized by both the criminal element and by a corrupt tyrannical government if we allow our elected officials to disregard their oaths and violate our civil rights.

    Contact your political representatives and remind them of their duties and responsibilities. Let them know we are watching their voting records. Tell them we will not tolerate any civil rights violations from them. They are accountable for their actions.

James Joyce


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