Open your phone book. Go to the yellow pages. Look under construction. See the listings of all the construction companies who will repair homes? Rip that page out and throw it away.

I bought a vacation home in Ocean Park five years ago. It needed repair. I called every one of those companies you find listed in the yellow pages. Not a single one of them called me back. Not one. I ended up having to hire someone from Central Oregon. Pacific County lost out on local employment and sales tax revenue.

Now, go to the yellow pages. Look up plumbing. Repeat.

The only commercial companies that I've had any success with in the greater Long Beach area are Ford Electric and Creative Floor Factors. Oman's was Johnny on the Spot for delivering building materials.

In five years of owning a home on the Peninsula, those are the only companies who were reliable and responsive to my requests for their services.

The quality of service I've received from any other Long Beach area construction or home repair business in my five years of owning a home there is horrible. Those non-responsive businesses have made a reputation for the Peninsula as I freely advise potential purchasers of property there at all events not to buy in the area because the service companies are non-responsive.

I'm certain the Chamber of Commerce could adopt standards for service delivery businesses on the Peninsula, and politely ask non-responsive businesses to locate elsewhere.

Based on my personal experience the last five years, I have no other alternative to but to discourage potential property purchasers from buying homes in the greater Long Beach area. What would you do if friends or family asked about your experience owning a home on the Peninsula? You'd tell them the truth, of course.

Eric Andersen


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