I received a letter from my bank today advising that my payment went up again (property tax increases again) more than $60 a month this time. I have not made any improvements to my home but of course I have kept up maintenance.

When talking with the county auditor’s office, I was told that if my home was in need of repair, that would be reason enough for them to consider my complaint that my taxes are too high.

With housing in the situation that it is, in the last 10 years homeowner equity has gone from 61 percent to 38 percent equity from dropping values alone!

Since property values keep dropping, I hope you would ask, “What is the county thinking?”

I am the only Fleet in the South Bend phone book. Please call and let’s organize a group to stop the county from putting the Jessie James to us citizens one at a time.

In South Bend [the county seat] there is a sign that says “A Great Place to Retire.”

The assessor’s office told me that I can list my income and save much more than $60 a month. They’re asking me to consider saving money by asking the government for help. Ronald Reagan said, “The government is not the solution, it is the problem.” I hope you can see Reagan’s point!

Hugh Fleet

South Bend

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