An open letter to Michael DeSimone, Pacific County Department of Community Development:

The purpose of this letter is to formally object in the strongest terms to the manner in which Pacific County has approved the development by Mathew Doney of a parcel of land in the Seaview dunes area. The flawed approval process has been well documented by the Friends of Seaview and your striking disregard for our issues and concerns is duly noted.

Diane and I own two homes in Seaview and have come to appreciate the wonderful quality of life that the Long Beach Peninsula offers. We are not anti-growth extremists. We recognize that there needs to be an intelligent balance between protecting the natural environment and promoting economic growth. One of the attributes that most attracted us to Seaview was the local regard for the preservation of both historic old beach cottages and the striking, unspoiled vistas of Cape Disappointment to our south. We equally appreciate the personality of the commercial city of Long Beach to our north.

However, the county must begin to respect the fact that homeowners and visitors do not want Seaview to be a clone of Long Beach. We emphatically reject the encroachment of any development in the Seaview dunes area!

We have never been politically active people but I can assure you that we will begin using our money and our influence to aggressively fight the Doney development (and any other) that subverts SEPA rules and spoils the Seaview dunes area.

In the longer term the entire Long Beach Peninsula will realize a greater benefit by preserving the Seaview dunes rather than developing them. The beauty of Cape Disappointment is one of Long Beach's most important assets. The juxtaposition of the vibrant commercial city of Long Beach and the "town that time forgot" - Seaview, gives us the best of both worlds.

Mr. DeSimone, please do not force us to become confrontational activists. We are looking for you to help deliver an intelligent balance between development and preservation. I am sending this letter certified mail because I am expecting a response. If our concerns are not taken seriously, then the current dispute over the Doney development will not be the end of it.

Brad and Diane Eamon

Portland and Seaview

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