Did you know that the 100 Loop is a race track? Well, it has become one, along with Robert Gray Drive in Ilwaco.

The reason I call it a "race track" is because the U.S. Coast Guard personnel who work at the station there, use it as one. In the past year, I have been tailgated and bullied into pulling over for these drivers almost daily. I work in the same area and watched in horror as one of the "Coasties," this very morning, went around me with a blind curve up ahead and double yellow lines. It was so scary and just plain crazy! They seem to think they own this road.

Animals cross these roads and RVs, already known to cross over the center line, frequent the same road these "race drivers" use.

These drivers drive at least 50-plus miles an hour (because I am do about 30 to 35 mph) around turns and right up to my tailgate. No one wants to say anything to them. The state park won't - not their problem until someone gets hurt. The police - the same thing. Then who do you call at the USCG Station? It is probably one of their commanders who is "racing."

Anyway, I am just hoping that by writing this, some of them will read this. The 100 Loop and Robert Gray Drive are not a "race track" for your pleasure and recreation. I don't care if you got up late and have to get to the station! Drive safely and be considerate of those who have to share the road with you.

Beverly Keller

Long Beach

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