In reply to saga on raccoons!

The "Rascal Raccoon" that comes through my yard every evening sure does not want to know the 18th and Washington critters. Rascal does not want to meet up with them and learn any bad habits. Also there are couple other raccoons that show up. They all eat their portion, either drink and wash their hands in the bowl of water or climb up in the birdbath (now that is a cute sight)! But you know what? They are afraid of humans, dogs, cats and fireworks!

Obviously these raccoons up here at about 24th NE are from the school of friendly wildlife. I know these friendly visitors are quite big but you know they just will not step on the scales so that I know how much they weigh. I would like to know how you managed to find out they weighed 35 pounds? Cause I figure if you could get so friendly with them as to put them on a scales they must not be very dangerous ... or vicious. I can't find any dead cats either. And there do not seem to be any cats missing in our portion of Long Beach.

Well, that brings up the issue of them being "after humans day and night"?! By golly I have yet to see any of those masked bandits in my yard or neighborhood in the light of day and I have good eyesight too! If the dispatcher would like to view rascal raccoon and his other companions the viewing starts between 9:30 and 10:30. Oh, and by the way, once in a while there is a possum or two. Well, that is about all for this saga!

Patricia Cruse, President

Discovery Coast Audubon Society


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