Wind power is only green power when it is sited very carefully.

It is not green power when its turbines are set adjacent to the most concentrated nesting area in the region for a threatened species.

The proposed Radar Ridge wind project is receiving a lot of attention lately; unfortunately much of what is being said is not true. What is true is that the Radar Ridge project has potential to harm the marbled murrelet, and the level of that potential harm is still in question. This bird raises one baby a year (when successful) and populations have dropped significantly over the past decade.

The "Independent Scientific Review" mentioned in the Jan. 27 letter to the editor as "convincing" was in truth an incomplete review. To describe it as a review which illuminates the facts about future murrelet-wind turbine interactions at this site is misleading and disingenuous. I wonder why it is coming from a non-profit organization that is supposed to be dedicated to the protection of birds.

Dr. LePage, a noted statistics professor, carried out a review, which was no doubt valuable, but it considered only the underlying physics of the model and whether or not the math was correct. Did he ask questions about the biological assumptions in the model? The answer is no. Those questions are what several agencies including the DNR, USFW and WDFW asked to have answered after a technical advisory panel put together by Energy NW finished their work.

Energy NW backed out of their agreement to have an independent peer review conducted and short-circuited the process. Energy NW needs to step up and have a genuine peer review conducted by scientists who understand the marbled murrelet. New and previously untried methods, as employed during the data collection at the site, require a thorough review, not attention focused only on some of their parts.

Alan Richards


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