We feel Alternative 1 is the only logical choice for the refuge, wildlife, the county and our citizens. There is no need to destroy the duck, goose and elk habitat and ruin the hunting in a very popular and well used hunting area.

Buying timberland, taking it off the tax rolls and taking it out of production in Pacific County is about as stupid a decision as could be made. The federal government should be selling land, not buying it. It is time we wake up to the facts of our federal budget deficit and quit spending. This county was founded on private property. Timberland in Pacific County is some of the most productive timber ground in the world and should be properly managed for timber products. This can only be done by private owners.

Removing more grazing land from elk will pressure the valuable cranberry bogs and other private properties in the area.

Geese will lose another important stop in the Pacific flyway if the fields are flooded by breaking the dikes. We are overrun by geese on the Rose Ranch already. We will be susceptible to that many more ravaging our fields and cutting grass production that feeds our cattle. All we produce is grass on the ranch, and that is converted into pounds of beef to sell. The goose population devastates that grass crop at our expense. There is no compensation, it’s just that much profit gone.

We support our Pacific County commissioners’ decision to support Alternative 1.

Robert P. and R. Jane Rose

South Bend

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