We in North Pacific County are fortunate to have musical concerts at the Raymond Theater provided by SAL, Sunday Afternoon Live. The local people who bring us these concerts read about, observe and listen to many musicians before selecting those they think the Willapa Harbor area concert goers will enjoy the most.

My husband and I were privileged to see the group Three Leg Torso in Astoria several months ago. They performed at the River Theater which was full of their fans and others who were hearing them for the first time.

They were serious musicians but humorous enough to put the audience at ease. There was a violinist, a bass player, a percussionist who also played at least two different xylophones, and another musician playing a European accordion who will challenge any preconceptions one may have about accordions. The tunes ranged from some that might sound like lively Hungarian folk songs, to jazz, to others that make you imagine you're sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Paris watching people go by. We left the concert awed by their fine musicianship and hoping that we'd be lucky enough to get them to come to Raymond.

We are lucky! They will be here on Mother's Day, May 14. I hope that people can make attendance at this concert a part of their family's plans and take advantage of this opportunity. Music loving kids would enjoy watching them, too. We've found from our experience that kids are interested in all kinds of live musical performers, and this group would not be likely to bore them. It isn't "kids" music but it's very good music.

Nancy and Bob Hall

South Bend

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