I am writing this letter to see if anyone else was outraged by the slash burn east of Chinook that covered and continues to cover our area with unhealthy air. What a nice Thanksgiving present.

My relatives who are older all had to leave because they experienced breathing problems. Why does this somehow illustrate a total disregard for all of our rights to breathe clean air? This fall has been the worst air quality that we have experienced in the eight years we have lived in Pacific County. I hope that you will publish this, and I hope that others (I know that you are out there) will write in numbers that make our leaders take notice).

People who have breathing and health issues have a right to know that many times in the fall and winter months air quality here is very very unhealthy. And yes, before you write in and tell me to go live another place, in two years we are leaving. So are my neighbors. Question is, where will your kids and grandkids live when there is no more healthy air.

Mike Frederick


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