The following opinions are mine and mine alone.

I’d like to set the record straight. I have met Mr. Werner briefly at a meeting where his campaign manager, Mark Perez, donned a sandwich sign on his person without even considering asking if the group would find it offensive (most of us there did).

I know little about Mr. Werner. I know that the resume he filed is certainly adequate for the position. In his campaign resume he points out that he has lived here less than two years. He applied for Don Maxson’s seat after his untimely death. The city council and mayor reviewed his qualifications and instead chose Councilwoman Natalie Hanson for the position.

I do, however, know Councilman Perez has brought this little town a lot of misery, and now, he has again launched a campaign full of lies, hatred, twisted statements and dirty political maneuvers to ensure that Mr. Werner gets Councilman Jerry Phillips’ seat. He flat out lied about the recording he alluded to in his last fiction in this paper. The fact is that Councilman Phillips did not know about the hidden recording he made of the conversation (illegal in the Washington without consent of all parties). Councilman Phillips did not threaten him in anyway; he simply stated that should Councilman Perez continue his libelous and slanderous remarks in this paper and elsewhere that he could expect a call from his lawyer.

Councilman Perez and his partner attempted to change our town’s government to something that they liked better. They constantly harassed our beloved animal shelter, ignoring the fact that the shelter is indeed private, not public. And he was obsessed with the “Appearance of Fairness” publication that was not relevant to the issue at hand, did not apply in the case. He was attempting to again derail our city’s smooth running. Councilman Perez, in my opinion, a far greater sin would be a sitting councilman being the campaign manager of a candidate against a fellow councilman that you, and only you, detest.

Please be aware of all of the facts. Vote for Councilman Phillips. He is not beholden to anyone but the city he treasures and the people he serves.

R M Greer

Long Beach

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