I believe there is a huge disconnect on the Penninsula. I have been about a one-third of the year Seaview resident for over 13 years.  I have read many articles in the Observer about the business community and how bad the economy is and how to get more tourists to visit this piece of heaven.  

Now I read that my neighbors don’t want my family or friends here. One side says, “Come and spend lots of money, we would love to have you here.” The other side says, “Stay away!” A decision must be made. Are we welcome or not?  

I pay my utilities but most of the time don’t use them. I pay for your schools, fire, police and everything listed on my tax bill without even getting to vote. Every part-time resident I know somehow gets their lawn mowed — I assume also adding to the local economy. If you don’t like what is happening at a residence — whether it is vacationers vacationing or the traffic at your local drug house, yes there are even some of those in Seaview — call the police. If the problem persists, call them again. 

Do you live in Seaview but shop in Oregon to avoid the taxes?  Shame on you. But that is a different letter.


Seaview/Oregon City

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