Once again this year, the board of directors of Salmon For All, in cooperation with the Columbia River Fishermen’s Protective Union (CRFPU), has voted to donate funds from our fishermen and processors poundage fees to assist food banks and emergency assistance programs in communities where our fishermen reside. 

We have donated $500 to Clatsop Community Action for the Clatsop Regional Food Bank; $250 to the Turning Point Community Center in Clatskanie for the Clatskanie Emergency Food Pantry; $250 to the St. James Family Center in Cathlamet; and $250 to the Ilwaco Food Bank. 

Our fishermen and processors are all too familiar with getting the short end of the stick. We are not about to forget those who have greater needs than our own. In a time of great want, it is up to those who have something to give to do so with generosity of spirit. Nobody should have to do without this holiday season. From our families to yours, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas. 

Salmon For All is a nonprofit trade association of Columbia River commercial fishermen and processors, representing the Columbia River gillnet industry. First organized in 1958, our organization has been advocating for our fishermen and processors, as well as for the non-fishing public’s right to enjoy healthful and delicious Columbia River salmon, for over half a century. The CRFPU is the second oldest fishermen’s union on the West Coast. 

Hobe Kytr, Administrator 

Salmon For All 


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