I usually enjoy reading the letters in the paper, some funny, some insightful, and some sad, but the letter from Dr. Craig Maxwell amazes me to the extent someone would go for personal benefit. Perhaps it's the political climate that spreads the virus of character assassination that we see and read everyday that has infected Dr. Maxwell. In the guise of town "crier" I see the good doctor pointing fingers, oh my, maybe it's not a virus but the ghostly haunt of a "Salem Witch Hunt" - it is the season you know.

As you know, Dr. Maxwell, I am not a patient of yours or any dentist on the Peninsula nor do I have anything to gain by this letter, as you might. I only ask that you reflect on one thing a good friend once wisely said that has made me think. When one points a finger accusing another, he or she should look at that hand to see three fingers pointing back at yourself. Are any of those fingers labeled personal gain, greed, or hurt? So Dr. Maxwell, please find the cure to your malice, we need caring professionals in health care and shake off that political virus.

Chuck Mikkola

Ocean Park

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