This letter is in response to a Surfside member's letter published in the June 20 Chinook Observer. The writer's assertion that Surfside's current leadership smacks of arrogance and blatant disregard for the opinions and concerns of the property owners is badly misinformed.

Where that assertion comes from is troubling. The board I have been part of has been solicitous of input, takes seriously member comments (the source of most proposed covenant changes), and respectfully discusses suggestions. Unfortunately, not every suggestion gets implemented - we all get our SAY, not necessarily our WAY. Persuading the board that an idea is in the best interests of all members and meets our legal responsibility is the path to change. Name-calling and maligning people adds nothing to improving our community.

The writer also asserted that the SHOA Board has an agenda. This is certainly true, and the board should be proud of it. In 2005 the board, following input from a variety of member surveys, feedback forms, complaints, committee recommendations, workshops, board meetings, and hearings, agreed on a vision for SHOA . We adopted a set of 12 measurable goals, which included completing the water improvement project with expected results, planning for funding of aging water mains, budgeting for the state-required six-year water plan, reviewing and updating SHOA's fixed asset study, providing additional staff training, providing increased law enforcement, and providing additional assistance to our 18 volunteer committees.

A report card on those 2005-2006 goals was completed in September, and results used to refine and establish SHOA's 2006-2007 goals, which included beginning the water main replacement project, completing the 6-year water plan, developing a preventive maintenance plan and schedule, identifying grant and loan opportunities, implementing a covenant revision process, recruiting and retaining volunteers, improving covenant enforcement, implementing a safety plan, and completing a cost savings analysis, among others. In September, we will again assess our success in accomplishing these. So...yes...the board has an agenda.

Surfside's all-volunteer board contributes hundreds of hours working on behalf of all Surfside members. As members consider new board candidates, I hope they ask candidates about their agenda, the processes they used to establish their goals and their history of involvement, commitment and contribution to the Association, and importantly what kind of team player they are.

Let's not go back to the days of a decade ago when bitter disagreement was more important than professionalism and divisiveness more important than teamwork.

Warren Olson

Member of the Board of Trustees

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