Who represents you? Republicans refuse to raise taxes to pay for two wars they started a decade ago, so the U.S. borrows to pay for continuous warfare. The Republicans threaten to shut the government down again and/or cut Social Security and other domestic programs in order to raise the debt ceiling, allowing us to continue to prosecute these two wars and other military adventures around the world.

The government in fact was shut down by Republicans during a time of war, wars they started. They shut it down to gut the Affordable Health Care Act, (Obama Care) an act that was written by the conservative think tank, the Heritage Foundation and put into place in Massachusetts by Republican presidential Candidate Mit Romney.

Congresswoman Jaime Herrera-Beutler missed several weeks of important votes in the House due to a grave medical condition her baby faces. We wish her and the baby the best. Her excellent government medical insurance and the ability to take paid leave have mercifully allowed her to attend her sick child. She did however return to D.C. and voted to defund the Affordable Health Care Act and shut down the government, throwing hundreds of thousands of government employees out of work. She apparently does not want American families to have what she and the rest of Congress enjoys.

Oh and would not shutting the government down in a time of war be treason? Just wondering.

Chris Thompson

South Bend

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