I cannot see what our big hurry is on the swimming pool. It seems if we have five years to do something, why do it in three years?

    It would take money to vote. If we wait until mid-term we could have it put on the ballot. I am sure if Mrs. Oller were still here she would have some ideas for all.

    An attorney at the time of her death said that he was her friend and would do what she wished. Now it seems he may find ways to use the money.

    Speaking of the money, why not let it grow some more now that our economy is growing again? Another year  won’t hurt.

    As for a recreation district, Mr. Glasson stated that a new district would have to have a board and it might want to put in a soccer field. We seem to have fields now; if you count, there are four fields now. They are used very little.

    Another quote was to take the kids by bus to local pools. Who will go with them, and what about the kids that are not able to ride the bus? What about all the people who would use the pool who are not kids? There are people that come to this area that would be happy to have a place to go when the weather is bad.

    I am sure if we put our heads together we could come up with something. I know of a small town that has a pool. It has been active for at least 75 years. No wave machine, or candy machine. Businessmen and women use it early morning before work. Kids have classes there. Seniors have classes there.

    Scholarships are wonderful, but so is teaching someone to swim. It may save their life and they may even be able to save someone else if need be.

Pat Brown

Long Beach

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