West Nile virus: I have a problem today with the loss of property to "wetlands."

The Peninsula has several lakes and marshes where the geese and ducks and critters live, breed and feed. Why is it so important to take away land from individuals who simply want to fill in the holes in their property to build homes or even industries? Surely, with all the wetlands we already have we don't need the land of some farmer or home owner, or someone who simply wants to build a business to employ the unemployed on this peninsula.

When the Panama Canal was being built, people were dying from diseases caused by mosquitoes. Know how the people solved the problem? They drained the swamps. That's a novel idea. If we don't want to get sick from West Nile virus, we had best drain the swamps. Keep the lakes and marshlands we have and give the people back their property to build on.

Drain the swamps.

Frank Gillock

Ocean Park

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