While everyone's attention is focused on the Seaview Dunes potential asphalt/construction destruction, and hitherto unknown aspirations of the Washington State Parks Department to acquire those dunes as a presentation park, we citizens of Pacific County, the Peninsula and specifically, Seaview, need to be aware of the fox approaching the hen house.

Seaview has two county approach roads open to the public: (1) 38th Place and (2) Holman Road. Holman Road, which was deeded to Pacific County early in the 1900s by the owners to be used by citizens in perpetuity, has been preserved by the county for county road crews and dredging crews with occasional openings to construction companies gathering beach sand for land/building development. All other use has been gated off.

When the problem of the Seaview Dunes presentation is solved, will the county approach roads going to the waters of the Pacific Ocean in Seaview be open to all citizens or will they disappear into a daily $5 fee per car state park? Cape Disappointment (Canby), Waikiki and Beards Hollow have been incorporated into the fee system. That would leave free and open access to the ocean beach for the rich and poor only at Oysterville, Ocean Park, Klipsan, Cranberry Road, and Long Beach.

The time to speak up is now before the longtime historical county roads disappear - keep access open to the public beach for all our citizens. Does anyone have a map of the other beach roads closed and why were they closed?

Pat Donnelly


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