On Veterans Day, I dressed up in my Vets' uniform and my wife and I decided go to Doogers for a treat. I am an elderly World War II veteran. It turned out to be one of the most pleasant, unforgettable days of my life.

After being seated and placing our order, a young boy of about 9-years-old and his mother came up to me and said, "Thank you." It took me so by surprise that I forgot to give him a high five.

We had a lovely meal and good service and were preparing to leave. A father, with his wife and two nice teenage sons, came over to me and said he wanted to shake my hand and introduced me to his family.

As we went to pay the bill, the cashier said, "I would like to buy your dinner." I said, "you don't need to do that" but she said she really wanted to. She explained that her son is a Marine and overseas now. We all got tears in our eyes. This young Marine's name is Benjamin and we said we would pray for him.

With all the sadness in today's news, I am fully aware of Benjamin's duties over there, and my wife Caryal is also aware of the worries and concerns of this fine young mother. I have never had total strangers treat me so nice and it was one of the most pleasant Veterans Days I have ever had. Makes a person realize that we have a lot of wonderful, caring people in our great United States. For strangers to take time out to show kindness to this old Veteran just made my day.

Please join us and pray for Benjamin.

"Red" Richard and Caryal Lomsdalen

Ocean Park

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