Washington State Grangers have long been supporters of public power. In fact, it was the Grange that wrote and sponsored the first initiative in the state to allow the formation of public power entities. The second initiative also written and supported by the Grange was the blanket primary that was in effect for 70 years before it was challenged by the courts. Once again, it was a grassroots effort in the form of 1-872 to preserve our primary method, which was passed overwhelmingly by the voters but is still being challenged.

Washington State Grange has effectively lobbied for the interests of "the common man" and is seeking input from community members regarding legislative topics prior to the upcoming 2006 session of the Washington State Legislature. At the present time, the Grange along with many statewide PUDs is supporting the Northwest Coalition for Affordable Power. This effort is to urge Bonneville Power Administration to lower current wholesale power rates by setting a $27 per megawatt hour rate target for the next wholesale power rate period. Currently, the rate is $31 per megawatt hour. This campaign is known as "$27 in '07" which is the year it would take effect.

BPA has suggested it may have to go higher than the current rate. This would have serious and negative impacts on our economy and competitiveness for our Pacific Northwest.

The public is invited to an open forum discussion at Grays River Grange on Wednesday, Oct. 5, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., with two members from Washington State Grange, Toni McKinley and Rusty Hunt. You're invited to join in a potluck dinner at 6 p.m., at Grays River Grange located on SR-4, approximately 17 miles west of Cathlamet in Grays River.

Esther Gregg, Master

Grays River Grange

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