On Tuesday, Aug. 14, I had a fire in my garage and was lucky the whole house did not burn down. I discovered a pile of smoldering ashes in the middle of my garage and found ashes all over my two autos. Fortunately, the fire was confined to an area of the concrete floor and burned an empty cardboard box and scorched some plastic boxes.

I couldn't believe how this fire started as I had no fire starters around and don't smoke. With the help of a Pacific County deputy, we thought that maybe my jug of emergency water acted as a magnifying glass. The garage faces west and Tuesday's sun was very powerful about 6 p.m. Today, I tried an experiment and within four minutes had cardboard close to flames. The pictures show how the jug concentrates the sunlight and any flammable material close to it can ignite.

I urge the readers to watch out for this condition and store any water jugs away from direct sunlight. I was lucky this time.

Bob Cline

Klipsan Beach

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