Take a bow Steve Granlund and your staff and crew at Creative Floor Factors in Ocean Park! Steve literally saved the day for my family and I. 

  In 2009, I hired a different firm to replace a free-standing fireplace (the old one had rusted through) in my vacation home in Ocean Park. It was a miserable experience. It took from mid-August to late December to get the job completed. The company I hired threatened to file a labor lien even before the work was complete. I don’t know about you, but I don’t pay a balance owing until the job is complete.

  When the new fireplace was finally installed, I hired Granlund of Creative Floor Factors to reface the wall around the new fireplace (make it pretty). When they began their work, Granlund called me to express concerns about the safety and structure of the wall around the fireplace and fireplace installation. He told me he couldn’t reface the wall because the header beam had been removed.

  I then contacted the Pacific County Department of Community Development to obtain an inspection of the new fireplace installation, only to find out that the previous installer never obtained the required construction permit. I bought the permit after the fact and had the fireplace inspected. Not only did it fail inspection, but the installation company had actually created a fire hazard and left a hole in the roof, creating water damage. 

  Repeated requests for help with proper installation of the fireplace sent to this firm went unanswered. That company subsequently lost a lawsuit in Pacific County Superior Court for their shoddy work in my vacation home. That lawsuit consumed their bond, which was not sufficient to cover the expenses, not only of the lawsuit but also for proper installation of the fireplace.

  Many thanks to Granlund and Creative Floor Factors for helping find a reputable contractor, Bill Welland of Welland Construction out of Oysterville, to properly install the fireplace and resolve the construction defects left behind by previous installer! 

  Once the fireplace was no longer a fire hazard, Granlund and his staff and crew took “a concept” of the finish work I wanted and created a masterpiece. Steve far exceeded my expectations. It was a goosebump moment when I saw his finish work. 

  Granlund and his staff and crew literally saved the day for me and my family by ensuring the fireplace work was finished in time for the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday. His excellent craftsmanship was the talk of the evening. 

  If ever you need a goosebump miracle with flooring, tile or slate work in your home, I highly recommend Creative Floor Factors in Ocean Park. I will forever remember his attention to detail and creativity every time I look at the fireplace finish work he and his crew created. 

Eric Andersen



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