It wasn't pretty - but we got it done! The SHOA meeting on July 14th was one of the most contentious, but uplifting, meetings I have ever attended. SHOA members showed up in droves, not only to vote but to let the board of directors know that we were mad as hell and weren't going to take it any more. No longer were we to be silenced by a gavel's slam or by bogus rules used to muffle the voices of reason. I felt like we were in the throes of a revolution and the beginning of a democracy - messy, loud and raucous but with the voices of reason coming through and bringing order back to meeting - and done without being silenced by a dictator. I am hopeful that this really is the beginning of a different mind set for the new members of the board of directors. Kudos to those of you who so bravely stood up and spoke your minds for the rest of us as we supported you in numbers that could no longer be denied.

Cheri Lewis


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