On June 11, the Surfside Association had its annual meeting. Most of the members that attended lived on "J" Place. We (my mother and I) admired their close relationship and how they had banded together to share their concerns in regards to our proposal to eliminate the tree height covenant.

The first well-spoken gentleman addressed the group saying that he had lived in Sunset Sands but had moved to "J" Place to have a view of the ocean. He felt that if we allowed the trees to grow tall, he would lose his property value due to the lack of view. He suggested that our association continue to top trees and that the members that wanted trees should move to Sunset Sands. The audience gave him an enthusiastic applause.

Another very nice women said that she was ashamed that we were airing our problems outside of our community. She felt that we had a wonderful association and didn't want others to think badly of us. She stated that she was a nice person. She also informed the group that she was "required" to let the residents from the low-lying areas into her home in case of a tsunami. However, she wanted to invite people into her home anytime, not just during an emergency. These people had their own personal agenda and never voiced concern for the entire association. It was so very sad.

Once again, let me state that my mother and I proposed this covenant change to address economic issues, protection of wildlife, support for our older citizens that are unable to take on such a large project and an attempt keep all of our area beautiful. I want to remind everyone that property value is important for all homeowners not just for those on J Place. It's hard to sell property with dead trees in your lot. But still, we never intended to create so much stress for these select members. It is sad that the people that spoke during this meeting had little concern for all of the Surfside members.

There must be some way to compromise to allow fairness for everyone. Maybe the person making the complaint should assist in topping the trees or hire a tree service for the property that is blocking their view. The association could look for a sale on baby trees to replace the current trees that have died after being topped. This would certainly improve the beauty of the area when visitors come.

One thing is certain, my mother and I will be unable to continue this fight without group support. If any members who wish to see that the tree-topping covenant gets changed and are willing to help us in this effort, please call 665-2669 and ask for Kathy or Sheila. Otherwise we will just let this concern die (so to speak) and allow everyone to fight for their own property and trees. We will not fight this alone, nor do we intend to even try. So please consider helping us.



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