I felt the need to respond to Mr. Blachowski's rude letter that graced our local paper this week. I am a former SandSations co-chairperson and I feel that you were addressing me and the other volunteers that work all year to put on an event for the locals and tourists. Volunteer being the clue here - no pay just our time, energy and passion for an event that we cherish and want to have continued for years to come.

We research and work with the tide for this event. We do know when the tide is supposed to be at the highest point. That is when we (and the Long Beach city crew) wait for an hour and start putting up the pens for the participants to build their sand sculptures. At that point we have four to five hours left of the outgoing tide and here comes the tide in. Usually you have another five to six hours until the tide once again gets to the highest point. This all is subject to change depending on Mother Nature.

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