Tea Partiers need to send back their Social Security checks to the federal government, as well as sign a pledge to never use any socialized portion of the federal system, post office, road, USDA inspected food, government subsidized food, not to mention the socialized military with their socialized medical care and housing, the fire departments, or FDA drugs, accept no unemployment or food stamps or HUD housing.

As soon as the Tea Partiers take this pledge they maybe they will have a scrap of credibility.

The Republican Party cannot be the answer to the problem since the facts and figures are in. Our debt has shot up during every Republican presidency. Look it up when they say "we just need to get back to our conservative roots." Don't be fooled. Dick Cheney repeatedly said that, "Ronald Reagan showed us that deficits don't matter." If that is conservative thinking, then why are the Tea Partiers up in arms about the debt and deficit? Also look up the Two Santa Claus Theory. I've always felt that the Tea Partiers have been in their garages for eight years trying to make protest signs. What took so long?

Calling our president a communist and then shopping at WalMart always puzzled me. I guess that's why most liberals feel like we live in an alternate universe. The real redistribution of wealth goes on in places like WalMart, where our money benefits a true communist government.

Shirley Turner

Ocean Park

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