The recent letter in defense of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler (Republican: Budget cuts only answer, Chinook Observer, Brett Malin, 5/18) is understandable. Herrera Beutler has been in Congress for such a short time it is difficult to make accurate decisions about how well she is representing us. Thus far, however, it appears Herrera Beutler is voting the straight Republican Party line and that is concerning. The name on the ballot was “Jaime Herrera” not “The Republican Party.” Voting a strict party line does not represent constituents: for example. Pacific County has different needs than New York.

In his letter supporting Herrera Beutler and the Republican proposed reductions to Social Security and Medicare, Mr. Malin asks, “How do we pay for the things we’ve come to expect government to provide?” This is important since a large percentage of Pacific County residents are over 65 and would be negatively affected by the proposed changes. My response is that Herrera Beutler should review the money Congress is spending outside the country and start reductions there. It is clear that the billions of dollars Congress gifts to Egypt, Pakistan, Mexico, Bolivia, India, Israel, Russia, Ireland, Iraq and many other countries could be better spent on taking care of Americans first. Indeed, most of these countries do not even like America. So, why does Congress deprive Americans in order to give billions to other nations?

This is not a time for acquiescence. Please let Rep. Herrera Beutler know what you want today. In particular, if you want to maintain the benefits you have worked for, and paid for, all your lives, she apparently needs to be impressed with that fact.

Robert DeuPree

Ocean Park

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