A tribute. This is a tribute to someone who has been more of an example of a "good Samaritan" than most of us who have been long-time Christians.

This is someone who has been there to work for nothing or nearly nothing to help others. One who has helped and guided many a young person when their own parents were unable or unwilling to do so any longer. One who has helped so many with lots of odd jobs from "A" to "Z," working on and checking out vehicles, mowing lawns often at your own expense, caring for pets when people were gone, fixing tractors, painting tractors, repairing plumbing, repairing garage doors, repairing washers and dryers, repairing generators, taking time to take people to appointments, pulling people out of the mud, commuting young people to their outings to do their thing, and just taking time to talk to them when they were crying and no one else seemed to care or be there for them, and they felt comfortable to call on you. And for so many more things you have done that have never been mentioned.

Your latest undertaking was someone who has more challenges than can be mentioned. You sacrificed mentally, physically, emotionally and financially and gave your all with all your heart to help someone who needed lots of help. You gave even at the expense of nearly the entire Naselle community looking at you differently and criticizing you and treating you like they didn't even know you. Now, with a very broken heart at the way people you thought were your friends treated you, you try to go on knowing in your heart you will still be there for the next person who needs your help, even if it means being used or criticized because they would never lend a helping hand unless there was a tax write-off or a return to them in some way. May the example you have shown be a spark to start a fire for others to open their hearts to be a good Samaritan and practice in their lives what they profess as Christians.

Hats off to you, Jose Rodriquez! You deserve high honors for the example you leave. May the God of heaven hold you close to him as you travel on through your life, leaving your mark on all you know. This is a challenge to all who read this to open your heart and hands and help others expecting nothing in return.

Esther Golia


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