Change can be exciting or change can be a threat, it all depends on the individual's perspective. Each time I return to the Peninsula I find myself looking for change - the buildings, the trails, the restaurants, the homes, but most of all, the overall view.

I could talk about how the view has changed because of new buildings built on the dunes, but I'll save that for another day. The change I had been watching for years and want to address was the vanishing view of the rolling sand dunes. The landscape was changing as a forest of trees sprouted. Each visit I found myself straining to catch just a slight glimpse of the beautiful view of sand and surf from the ridgeline, but the view was vanishing, replaced by row after row of trees that grew deeper and denser.

What a thrill to return this fall and see a change I never expected - a view of "sand dunes" not a forest. Once again I was seeing the beach as it was when I was growing up.

Congratulations and thank you, city hall. Not only are you returning the beach to a beach, but you are addressing an extreme fire danger. Having lived through two firestorms caused by fires starting in trees, I am pleased to see you are being proactive to clear away the overgrowth. The continued removal of trees will not only improve the view, but protect homes and the community from devastating fires. I commend your efforts to reverse the change and protect our community.



San Diego, Calif.

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