"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" has long been my mantra since moving to the Long Beach Peninsula. I have owned my house since 1993, but even before that my family and I visited the Peninsula since the early '80s. My primary attraction is the lack of commercialism and its slower pace of life.

  I met Bud and Jean Cuffel (my neighbors) then also and when he invited me to be a part of his initial election campaign, I did not hesitate. I vote for the candidate and their qualifications, not the party they belong to. It was my privilege to make buttons, put up signs and attend meetings in the interest of getting him elected.

  The former commissioner's column in the newspaper "Dear Bakkey" reflected a lack of motivation to move our county into the new millennium of state regulations to conform and abide by the law and also a lack of interest in abiding by state laws being passed. Because of this and the danger posed in losing state funds for highways, etc., in Pacific County, I wholeheartedly supported Bud Cuffel. He has served our county well for 12 years and there is no reason not to re-elect him to continue on the path he started.

  Remember the days when much of the north peninsula was cut off by flooded roads in the winter? I can provide pictures of Joe Johns Road under water. Well, it was Bud Cuffel who fought the battles to bring drainage to the area - often having to fight cantankerous property owners who did not want drainage pipes going across their property. It was also Cuffel who made sure the county began a fill and grade permit process so that our wetlands would be protected and additional flooding was prevented. Remember the drainage ditches up and down Pacific Highway and how they were plugged up flooding all property on the west side of the highway? Now those ditches are kept clear and are maintained so that property owners do not have to fear that after a good rain, their property will float away. Also after enforcement of new septic regulations in the '90s, there were no more midnight or weekend septics installed endangering our ground water. Pacific County joined other counties to be law-abiding and to follow the rules. Thank you Bud!

  When Bud came into office, Pacific County was in a stalemate with the state over new septic rules. The state was in the process of freezing any funds to our county due to dereliction on the part of officials to enforce the rules. That meant no money for the sheriff's department, for highway repair, etc. When Cuffel came into office, he shook things up to get state funds flowing again. He strongly encouraged county government to abide by state regulations on development and other issues and brought our county government into conformance. 

  After 12 years of service to our county, I see no reason to change horses now. Cuffel will continue to make progress in all areas of concern. He represents all the people. Contact him if you have concerns. He listens to everyone!

  His opponent owns a business and certainly has personal interests to pursue, but are they for all of us or only a limited few? I'm voting for Cuffel - four more years in the right direction!



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