How does one begin to express the depth of the wounds inflicted by swords upon oneself who has merely, apparently by forces unforeseen, been put here to expose the core of piracy?

After years of searching for the perfect niche and landing here, it appears that there are many who feel compelled to abuse their ancestral authority far beyond what the people have entrusted them with, a shame to our forefathers and framers of our Constitution.

Since the township Seaview has such a rich historical past, researching its stories is so intriguing it compels one to delve deep into its secrets. Oh, there are many. South Bend has the map that conceals the treasure for those who dare to hunt for it. There are those who have taken that journey discovering a wealth of golden past. The stories written in these books tell how it all began here - at least the books that have not disappeared. Why do they remain hidden? What secrets do they hold for those who hide them?

It seems that there is some history that remains a secret for those who have something to conceal. What could it possibly be, and why? What is it in the history books that we, the people, are kept from discovering? Could it be the center of exposure?

What has been uncovered, however, reveals that land in Seaview is a treasure chest of its own and is ripe for the picking for those who choose to plunder. Hold tight to the thought of landing safely on shore, for there are lurking in the darkness, those who wish to take at will what is not rightfully theirs. A mere pittance of land becomes the booty for robbers at will. What was to be a precious, priceless discovery has become the haunt and painful torture by marauding looters. Better to be burned at the stake than to endure attacks upon one's hopes and dreams.

How does one lay claim to a piece of land within these chapters of books, not to be torn out and permanently erased from this rich history? How does one survive and live to carry on the lore that once ran through the sands of time here through this glorious, blessed land? One fights back with the very heart of their soul. One with strength to push back the very forces that wish to destroy what one came here for, peace and serenity, nothing more, no grandness of dreams, but merely peace.

Instead there is war. War over land, not for the gold that lies beneath it, nor oil, but only the grains of sand that are blowing away with the wind from the battle to hold fast. History show through volumes and books the battle is not new here, but written through ages of time is the true story of how it began and where.

The secret is with those who have discovered the missing chapters holding the map to the real treasure, that of the deep hidden past of Seaview. Woe to those who know its tale and hide behind its clock of realness.

Freedom to those who reveal the memories drawn on pages with feathered ink pens and read between those missing lines, taken, to hide from those kept in the dearness by ones fearful of truth. Freedom will ring loud and clear, and the stories will carry on the hidden history in the treasure chest of Seaview.

Jeanette Triplett


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