I moved to Washington in January 2005. Most of the casual entertainment places were smoking. If you wanted to play pool or have a drink, you had to endure the non-stop cigarette smoke atmosphere.

Asking someone to please, at least, blow it away from you was greeted with a guaranteed rude response. Then you can go home and put all your clothes in the washer and take a shower so you don't smell like an ashtray.

Last time I checked, there are no "rights" to submit someone's health to cancer or emphysema. Yes, employees can try to get jobs in a place without cigarette smoke, but if all the lower income jobs in more rural places are in those smoke-filled places, they "suck it up," so to speak. I have spoken to several people who are bartenders, waitresses, etc. and they are making efforts to quit smoking. They have commented on how much they like the smoke-free environment and how they love the taste of food now. Amazing!

I don't think that a vote of approximately two to one is a "wildly unfair passage" of a proposition that may help people to finally see a very unhealthy lifestyle choice. I was a smoker, so I know what it does to you, how much it costs, both in health and wallet.

Susan Stephenson

Long Beach

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