In our country, decisions are made by the people, for the people, in honest evaluation. Our post office is one of several that are being closed countrywide and ours is of historic interest in Washington State. Our post office means a great deal to us. It is the center of our community and we are being treated most unfairly, against our wishes and at great inconvenience to our retirement community base and we are being criticized for our unanimous objection.

This decision is being made for Washington, by people in Oregon state whom we can only assume do not even know our graphical location, as we are off the map that they supply and their references to it have mentioned that the alterative post offices to Ocean Park are in North Cove and South Bend.

We have heard that we are the only people making a fuss. This is another injustice to us retirees and we are not going to taking it quietly. When we, like many others retired, we laid out plans to take care of ourselves. Why do the "powers that be," now insist we drive a 10-mile round trip in all weathers for our mail when there may not be enough mailboxes at Ocean Park.

We have all filed their requested forms for copies of their report and found the offices are not responding as they promised with forwarding the copies to us and we are finding much misinformation with what we are being told from other directions

Our whole community is composed of retirees and likely to experience more than our fair share of incapacitating illnesses. God help us, as our government departments apparently won't. Closing right on Christmas time, followed by tax paperwork time, will not be a minor inconvenience for any of us on the receiving end. We have been told we can also use street delivery by mailbox but as we have been told the final decision is still a mystery we are still expected to make our plans and it is obvious they know the decision is already final. There is also the problem for some of us of being beyond the end of the mail route, (which we ourselves are). Whichever way we go, our addresses will all change, even though we have been assured in writing it won't.

We are being handled very deceitfully and the inconvenience is tremendous. Just remember this could be in the future for everyone. We think the above comments should be considered an inconsiderate insane decision by the chosen few to close the Oysterville Post Office. Much of the information furnished us with is incorrect. Our post office is of historic interest as it is, (was) the oldest in Washington state. Not as Ronald Schaer, manager of marketing, wrote to me, it is not in Oregon. We do however deeply appreciate all the services we have enjoyed from sensitive people in the past.

Dorothy Jackson


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