It’s great that Osama Bin Laden is finally brought to justice, but it really bothers me that more effort was not made to capture him alive as a prisoner of war when he didn’t fight back. Maybe I missed that he was reaching for a deadly weopon, but why not just wound him in that case? Was he about to press the button for a bomb? If either of those were the case, wouldn’t we have heard by now? I can understand less discriminating attacks taking out assets of the enemy during wars, but this was face to face personal.

Since we’d apparently been planning this raid since last August, how can it be that we could offend Muslims by a sea burial, but still try to get part of the preparations right? Also, how could it be that the decisions hadn’t already been made on photo releases, etc.?

So many questions!

On another subject, how will the House’s budget bill really affect our Medicare and Social Security?

I was worried about what would happen to my mom’s Social Security and Medicare if the new Path to Prosperity bill is passed, so I researched and found that much of what I’m hearing and seeing about this bill is just plain wrong! Here is what I found:

For Social Security, there are no changes yet. The bill forces Congress to work together for a way to make Social Security sustainable.

If you are over 55 years old or already on Medicare, virtually nothing changes for your Medicare except additional aid is added for lower-income individuals and those with greater health risks. You will still be able to continue on the current guaranteed benefit plan.

  If you are 55 or younger, Medicare’s current guaranteed benefit plan is replaced by a list of Guaranteed Coverage options from which you will choose. A Premium-Support payment will be paid to the plan that you chose. This is basically the current Medicare Advantage Program and similar to Congress’ own health plan. Premium support payments would vary with the health status of the beneficiary. Medicare eligibility gradually increases to age 67.

Glenn Ripley

Ocean Park

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