We’ve been reading Perez’ redundant spewing of negative politics for several weeks now, and frankly its getting darn tiresome. You would think a man as negative and self-promoting as Perez could come up with some new mud to sling this close to the election.

I have attended many city council meetings over the past 10 or so years, and often find myself to be the only non-official in the room. Civic interest, I suppose. I seldom have an agenda. That being said, I have only noticed Tom Werner at meetings since he declared for the councilman position. If he is interested in city workings, where has he been?

I am personally tired of the negativity in the political arena. Tell us how good you are as a candidate and what you can do/have done for us, not how ‘evil’ your opponent is.

Perez has a personal dislike for Jerry Phillips. It is obvious at the meetings. I believe he is pushing for Werner as a contrarian, not for the good of the city. (Just my observation and opinion.)

Phillips has run a clean, upbeat and positive campaign touting his accomplishments as a councilman and civic leader, no disparaging of his opponent.

Let’s get the smut and bull out of our local politics. We have enough of it in all other state and federal elections.

A vote for Jerry Phillips is a vote for a better city government.

Andrew E. Canale

Long Beach

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