About a year ago, two large public trash dumpsters, labeled "Recycling," were dumped right in the middle of our quiet, clean neighborhood on NE 9th Street, just yards from and right next to our apartments and houses where we live and have lives, some for generations!

Every month for almost a year we have been told and promised that the recycle trash dumpsters forced and heaped upon us would be moved to a proper facility. The promises came from a city official and, of late, a county official who now have reversed course by saying respectively, "The city and county facilities do not want them, nobody wants them," and "Some people want to debate the year's plan to move them to a proper county facility and take time to process a consensus." (Great idea, but where was that process last year when these things were imposed on us and dumped under our noses? I'll spare you my frustration with city and county government 'in-fighting.') We ask that you keep your promises, move those trash dumpsters now and take time to process a consensus later!

For reasons of housing and apartment safety, sanitation and living standards alone, plopping large public trash dumpsters next to and yards away from homes and apartments is not an appropriate place and was a terrible idea. Upon that point (or so I am being told) city, county and the state's Department of Ecology recycling program violation and state rule enforcement authorities now agree.

Imagine 24/7 that anyone and everyone, the entire Peninsula and every visitor to it, some with common sense and manners, some without, some up to good and some up to no good, on their way to or from wherever they are going, come to your house to sort, dump and scatter their trash and garbage bags, clank/crash and bust their glass. Imagine being told over and over for almost a year that it is going to stop and they'd be moved to a proper facility to monitor, maintain and manage the all-hour trash, traffic, noise and frequent and routine illegal dumping of garbage attracted and caused by those recycling trash dumpsters. We ask that you honor your word and move those trash dumpsters now!

Those wanting to postpone the trash dumpsters' removal to reach a consensus for a new location, please call Faith Taylor-Eldred of Pacific County Department of Community Development at 875-9356 or 642-9356 and give her your address and volunteer your house and neighborhood to move them into for the time it will take for community, city, county and (entering) state agencies to reach that consensus. We on NE 9th Street have paid our dues! Move those trash dumpsters!

Those citing their personal convenience of the dumpsters' current location as a reason to leave them dumped on us, thanks, but I'd rather drive a little farther to sort my trash than be able to pitch it out my window. Beam me up Scotty!

Margie Seals

Responsible landlord, business owner and good neighbor

Long Beach and Washougal

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