Recently, while traveling near South Bend, I was issued what amounts to a "nuisance" traffic ticket. I was vacationing from California, visiting friends and, while driving on Hwy 101 passed a slower moving motor home and truck. I did this in an authorized passing zone on an uninhabited stretch of road. I had just pulled back into the proper lane and was slowing when a police car topped the rise ahead of me, about a quarter mile away in the oncoming lane.

The police car passed me by and I continued on my way at normal speed, enjoying the scenery. Some five minutes later I noticed another police car following at some distance with its light bar flashing. It didn't seem to be in any hurry though, took several minutes to catch up to my vehicle and, as an attentive motorist; I naturally pulled over to get out of the way (there was never a siren). I was surprised when the police car pulled over behind me and the officer issued me a speeding ticket. It was apparently the same police car that had passed me traveling in the other direction.

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