In response to the Oct. 3 Chinook Observer article “Chinook Nation enters legal tussle with Cowlitz Indian ‘initial reservation.’”

Chinook Nation, Inc., is in no way affiliated or supported by the historical Chinook Indian Nation.

Robin Taylor, a principal at Chinook Nation, Inc., is not a citizen of the Chinook Indian Nation. He has not enrolled nor provided documentation proving direct descendancy from a Clatsop, Lower Chinook, Kathlamet, Wahkiakum or Willapa listed in the McChesney, Roeblin, or 1914 Annuity Payment Rolls, as required by our tribal Constitution.

Furthermore, the Chinook Indian Nation continues to express its desire to see Chinook Nation Inc. cease and desist from using the name “Chinook Nation,” as it is misleading. We have documentation of the direct lineage of the phrase “Chinook Nation” to our present-day Chinook Indian Tribe/Chinook Nation/Chinook Indian Nation and legally own these names. The legal alias —through government to government interaction, incorporation, and trademark laws — owned by the Chinook Indian Nation and its tribal council also include but are not limited to, the Confederated Lower Chinook Tribes And Bands 501(c)3 — our non-profit corporation, the Chinook Tribe And Bands of Indians, and Chinook Tribes.

The Chinook Indian Nation is a confederation of the five westernmost tribes of Chinookan people: the Clatsop, Lower Chinook, Kathlamet, Wahkiakum and Willapa. These five tribes have been together as a distinct group, aside from other Chinookan tribes, from at least two generations before the signing of the Tansy Point Treaty in 1851.

The U.S. Senate shelved the 1851 Tansy Point Treaty agreements with the Chinook because the negotiated points did not move the people east of the Cascades. The Chinook continue their fight for federal restoration today.

For more information about the Chinook Indian Nation, please visit our website,

Chinook Indian Nation Council

Bay Center

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