Just a quick note for those consumed with the fights over development and so call Lewis and Clark trails.

Per our U.S. Constitution, "The very basis of a free society is the well-defined and enforced property rights of the people."

Last time I checked the words "nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation" appears as the last phrase of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, all of which has been applied to the states via the 14th Amendment. If part of the Fifth Amendment can be ignored by the states, what about the rest of it? Or the rest of the Bill of Rights? Here is a prime example of Long Beach picking and choosing what civil rights they might defend - since they cannot provide police protection, sewer, sanitation, fire protection, maintenance, they feel they do not see the need of well-defined and enforced property rights as the very basis of a free society.

How can Long Beach officials justify Doney's statements of his property having a $50,000 value when he listed the lots to sell for $400,000 with Long Beach Realty and apply the Lewis and Clark Trail involved property to have no value for "just compensation."

How can the Long Beach officials continue to state they have the majority of property owners giving permission for the trail. The fact is we personally own four of the properties that go to the mean high tide and have not granted permission. Of the other eight properties, three of the eight owners have also not granted permission? My math of "seven of eight against the trail" does not equate as the "majority for" - in fact that is 99 percent against. Or is this "New Math?"

The true reason we have owned property on the Long Beach Peninsula was to enjoy the "natural beauty." We have not developed any of these properties but have improved them with improvements to the existing structures.

The last and final question: I cannot understand how Long Beach can now take my "tax dollars" I have paid on my "Seaview property" for the last 35 years and hire their attorney to "take my property away from me." I find it hard to justify spending more money to fight the money I paid as taxes for the employment of additional attorneys. I thought taxes were paid to provide services to the community. Maybe this is why the "Bill of Rights" has no value in Long Beach.

You may edit this as it becomes very emotional to see the structure of no street lights, curbs, police, sanitation, maintained, or basic services to be determined beyond the budget or needs of the community and these types of "favors for a few."

Ron and Trudy McArthur


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